Herbanutrin Papaya Leaf Extract – Herbal Dengue Remedy


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Papaya Leaf Extract

HerbaNutrin’s Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules provides gentle digestive support with plant-based enzymes that help to cleanse the blood, and support platelet function. HerbaNutrin’s Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules may improve insulin sensitivity and has been proven effective in treating dengue.

-Revitalize the human body maintaining energy and vitality
-Encouraged renewal of muscle tissue
-Support the cardiovascular system
-Strengthen the immune system
-Help the digestive system by breaking down proteins
-Support production of digestive enzymes
-Treat skin wounds that don’t heal quickly.
-Prevent cataract formation
-Lower the risk of emphysema in smokers and passive smokers due to high vitamin D content
-Alleviate inflammation
-Help with nausea and constipation

The papain enzyme found in papaya has been utilized around the world to eliminate parasites within the body


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