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Instant Home Remedies | Overall Health

1. “Best things for nausea – Easy nausea go away with in 20 mins”:

Ginger Juice for Nausea Remedy:

Simple Ingredients: Hot water, Ginger, Lemon, Sugar or jaggery
Step 1: Take one small piece of ginger
Step 2:  Cut it in to small pieces
Step 3: Put that piece in water and boiled it for 20 mins
Step 4: Pour some lemon juice
Step 5: Add Jaggery and Mix it
Step 6: Drink 60ml once for 30 mins
Step 7: Feel Refreshed

2. “5 Min remedy for Hair Loss – Ginger Paste”:

Ginger Paste for hair growth :

Simple Ingredients: Ginger, Onion

Most of us thinking that hair loss cant be replaceable after 30. But following these simple way for 30 days will show the result for sure!
Step 1: Took Ginger and Onion at equal proportions
Step 2: Mix it and add some coconut Oil
Step 3: Apply it in the hair loss area
Step 4: Leave it for 10 mins
Step 5: Follow it for 30 days

3. “Foods Time Table for Diabetes Patient”:

Good Breakfast for Diabetes:
    1. Oat Meals
    2. Bread Omelet
    3. Cereals
    4. Green Tea without Sugar

Awesome lunch Tips for Diabetes:
    1. Green sandwich with Wheat or Rye Bread
    2. Bracolli and pineapple recipes

Pleasure Dinning for Diabetes:

    1. Pasta and Salad
    2. Sword fish corn salad
    3. Mashed Potatoes
    4. Chicken or Green Beans

4. “10 Minutes Acidity relieve formula”:

Acidity is the most irritating one for adults and mid age peoples. Due to their food habits and smoking addiction our stomach get irritated more get transforms in to Acidity.

Major Causes of Acidity:
    1. Eating oily foods
    2. Smoking and Drinking
    3. Late night food and party
    4. Insomnia
    5. Digestion problems
    6. Tension
    7. Fasting
Immediate remedy for Acidity:
    1. Chew one cinnamon for 5 mins
    2. Drink Hot water
    3. Honey with water
    4. Take some juicy fruits like orange and watermelon
    5. Eat 10 pieces of Cranberry