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Causes Of Abdominal Pain And It's Medications

Abdominal pain is generally the pain caused in the region between the pelvis and chest. The abdominal pain is caused usually due to digestion problems or any strain in the abdominal muscles, which is the mild pain. These pains may be resolved by simple treatments or basic stomach ache medicines.Wher...

Antioxidant-Free Radical Scavengers

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'Antioxidant' also known as free radical scavengers are the substances which prevent the cells from free radicals. The free radicals are the unstable random molecules produced by the body as a result of external or internal pressure to it by the environment or other sources. The free radicals also c...

Sources Of Vitamin D Apart From Sunlight

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The 'Sunshine vitamin', Vitamin D is mainly obtained from sunlight but you can get the right amount of vitamin D needed for our body through food and vitamin supplements too. A study on Vitamin D and its health benefits state that about 50% of world population is subjected to Vitamin D deficiency du...

Cranberry Benefits For Skin

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Cranberry is the superfood contains lot of antioxidants which benefit your skin. It contains more nutritional benefits for overall health. Here are some of the benefits of using cranberries on the skin.Cranberry - Skin Glow:Cranberry fruit has a high amount of antioxidants used for glowing skin; it ...

Have These Natural Foods To Avoid Kidney Problems

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Kidney has a prominent role in our body which needs proper protection, these foods can remove extra water and toxins from the blood, stimulate RBC production, and control blood pressure. You can take these foods in your daily diet to protect your kidney health. Nearly 30 million adults are estimated...

How Well You Know About Your Kidney Beans?

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It is time to diagnose our beans this summer. The “beans” mean the bean-shaped organ of our body that is “kidneys”. The article talks about kidneys health on its significant facts, functions and preventing techniques to overcome the effects caused.Facts about kidneys:Just a small organ in our body w...

Fitness Vs Weight Loss – What Is Your Goal?

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Many people may prefer weight loss because, so far that is the holy grail when we talk about being healthy but the truth is something different which is discussed in detail in this article, come let us choose our right goal to preside over a healthy life.Weight loss vs fat loss:Do you need to lose y...

Probiotic Foods To Increase Immune Health

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Probiotics is a good bacteria for your health which maintaining a strong immune system. We have already seen the health benefits of probiotics. Incorporating Probiotic in your regular diet is a necessary thing for all of us so we can maintain the overall good health... But, it should be done gradual...

Papaya For Heart And Immunity

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Papaya is one of the world’s super fruits. It consolidates with the range of medicinal properties to cure all sorts of ailments. Papaya contains a very potent enzyme known as papain which leads papaya to give so many benefits.Papaya being used as papaya supplements formulated by the papaya leaf extr...

Foods To Induce Your Periods Naturally

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The menstrual cycle is a significant thing for a woman's health. There is usually a set time when you get your period. But sometimes, you may feel irregular periods because of lack of nutrition or taking of pills to postpone periods. Actually, it is not advisable to postpone periods unnaturally. The...
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